Oxford Referencing

Oxford Referencing

The Oxford referencing style is a style that slightly different to the others on this list. Rather than putting the citation in the text itself, instead it uses a note citation system. You may also see it referred to as a documentary note system.

As such if you are looking to make a citation in text, you will need to add a superscript number at the end of the sentence you are referencing. That number will then relate to a note at the bottom of the page, which then holds the citation. All the notes you use to cite sources in your essay will be numbered sequentially which begin with one, throughout each article, chapter, or throughout your entire paper.

In Text Citations

When using the Oxford referencing style, to cite a source in text you will add a super script number to the text that you want to add your source to. At the bottom of the page, you will then add the details of the source that you have used.

So, if you are referencing a source in your work it would look like this:

Anderson states that in his research, there are real benefits to distance learning that children won’t get in a classroom. 1

At the bottom of your page, the citation would look like this:

First initial and author’s surname, Publication title, edition number, Publisher, location, year of publication, page number.

In this example, the reference would look like this:

J Anderson, The Importance Of Distance Learning, 1st edition, Harper Collins, London, 2005, pg. 45

Reference List Citations

When you come to write your full reference list at the end of your essay, referencing your sources will look a lot like the footnotes in your text. This is how a reference for a book would be laid out:

Author first name and surname, Title of book (edition, publisher, year of publication).

So with the above example your reference for this book would look like this:

James Anderson, The Importance Of Distance Learning (1st edition, Harper Collins, 2005).

Journal articles

You may also use journal articles when creating essays. If you want to reference them using the Oxford system you would do so like so:

Author first name and surname, ‘Article title’ (Published year) Volume number Journal abbreviation Start page.

So when you use a journal you will reference it like the below example:

James Anderson, ‘The Importance Of Distance Learning’ (2005) 45 MLR 254