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What do White Collar/Corporate Crimes Look Like?

The main research question of the current study

The central research question of the study how white collar offenders are different are different from the non-white-collar offenders. This question was mainly focusing on the lifestyle of criminality and criminal thinking. The current study further went ahead to scrutinize psychology and psychopathic characteristics of both the white collar and the non-white-collar offenders.

Difference between white collar offenders, versatile white offenders, and non-white-collar offenders

There is a difference that exists between white collar offenders, non-white-collar offenders, and versatile white offenders. The former had lower scores on the criminality lifestyle but had higher scores on the measure of psychopathic and psychopathology traits compared to their non-white collar counterparts. On the other hand, white collar versatile offenders have the highest score in criminal thinking. Findings in logistic regression show that white collar offenders can be distinguished from the non-white-collar offenders by substance use. I buy the ideas of classification because it is based on concrete evidence and has been well researched.

Rehabilitating white collar offenders differently from non-white offenders.

With these differences existing in the mind, it is evident that the white collar defendants are better and to rehabilitate because they are less prone to recidivism. Whether an individual defendant has a criminal history should be taken into account before deciding and ranking who comes first in the rehabilitation needs. Those convicted of white collar crimes tend to be less likely to recidivate. On this line of argument, the sentencing commission studies have found out that despite fraud and larceny offenders having lower rates of recidivism, they exceed 50%. This is in comparison to the recidivism rates for firearm and robbery defenders. Therefore, in contrast, they tend to have a prior criminal history.

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