Business is an entity which is put up by an individual or a group of people with an aim of providing goods or services to the consumers which at the end of the deal make profits for the owners (Stutely, 2002). Ethics, on the other hand, is a part of philosophy which describes in details the differences between two deeds (Vyvyan, 2013). Examples beings good and evil, right and wrong, etc. therefore, business ethics is the study of how the business policies are practiced correctly and the way issues regarding companies are solved professionally (Moon, 2004).

Good values are the behaviors at the workplace characterized by good manners of the employees regarding the workforce (Whitman, & Hamilton, 2010). It is widely known that good ethics in business brings about enormous profits (Mitchell, 2009). Some of the examples of good values are honesty, integrity and team playing in business (Sims, 2002). Most companies are under watch and being scrutinized by either their competitors or their customers who are the once who can either make the company work or make it fall to its knees. Good ethics is just the same as saying good business. Some of the good standards showed by the employers who make the business good are when they treat their employees well, by paying enough wages to employees, keeping their promises and being honest in the daily dealings. Personal values should be maintained out of the day-to-day running of the business. Personal issues and behaviors most of the times do not go hand in hand with the expectations of the company. Human beings are known to react with emotions varying from one person to another (Lord, Klimoski & Kanfer, 2002). Friends, family or workmates can trigger the emotions, and it is this emotion that should be controlled whenever it is something to do with business. Businesses are to be conducted with sober minds.

As a president of the American airline, some mistakes by the competitors are worth my time to research and come up with appropriate decision that will work to the advantage of the business to bit the competitor out of the market (Oliansky, Sackheim, Dreyfuss, Irving, Remick, Wanamaker, 2012). In the scenario of the new employee mechanic who reported to the maintenance chief, it is fortunate that he left his former company to work for American Airline. He might be in this company as a mechanic helping the mechanical issues of the enterprise, but in real sense employees of his type are more than just that ( Eichenwald, 2000). They act as informants to the business telling the current business of the do and don’t of the former workplace. He reported of the pencil maintenance where the company only notices the problem and jots it down to be done later on, but due to lack of the good business ethics, it fails to conduct the maintenance on time (Gandolfi, Michela, 2002).

It is very inappropriate for one to keep silence when such a very critical industry fails to maintain the airplanes that are used to carry passengers (Lee, 2000). It is perilous to board onto a plane that has not been managed properly because it might fail mechanically and cause the death of many people (Nadel, 2010). The best way to deal with this information is to give a tip-off to an investigative reporter who will, in turn, find out the truth and disclose it to the public without mentioning names (Mill, 2013). It might look very unfair business competition, but there are no races in the current market that are ethical (Ferrill & Bogan, 2006). It is either your business in the market or another that is outdating you. Without my name or the name of my company appearing anywhere in the reporters report, the public will know the truth about how their lives are being put at risk by the airline and come running to the American Airlines (Bordowitz, 2007). Regarding business, I came to my decision so that the firm can boom on my side. Ethics did affect my decision as I saw an opportunity of making my business prosper and even get more money to increase the salaries of my employees. The most appropriate information to be shared with the public is how their lives are being put at risk by the airline which is not maintaining their airplanes in time to prevent fatalities (Klingemann & Römmele, 2002).

1st March 2016.


Dear Chief Eng. James Johnson

This is about the report you brought to my attention by the information reported to you by the new employee, George Canon (Nadel, 2010). It is not proper for the airline to ignore its core responsibility of safeguarding the lives of its customers. Not maintaining the aircraft puts the lives of the passengers at risk (Borgmann, 2006).

I have come to a decision of exposing the airline to the public (Warren, 2006). I cannot report it to the FAA because the outcome can be extreme. The FAA will for sure unveil the name of the person who reported to them the issue and the airline will do everything possible to bring our business down too. The Airline Association might not take any action to the airline and also might give out my name. I would have called the CEO of the airline in question but as we all know it will be like helping our competitor beat us out of the market. I came to a decision of tipping a local investigative news reporter to look into the matter and report it to the public. I couldn’t just let the matter stay unnoticed. Am sure it took a lot of effort for the new employee to give such rare and significant information to us (Krause Publications, 2009). We should take this chance to attack our competitor and force them out of the market (Axelrod, 2004).

Thank you so much for forwarding the report to me, and please make sure that all the vital parts of this company are put up to date. Repairing, maintaining and replacing all the machines that are to be looked after in time to prevent any unseen issues during the scandal (Barton, 2008).


Yours faithfully

Harry Smith.

1st March 2016.


Dear Eng. Mark Peter

I am writing this email to appreciate the information you passed to Chief Eng. James Johnson who later took the objective of giving it to me. The information will be of much help to this company and the entire society as a whole (Finkel, 2014).

Due to the moral ethics in this business, I will, in turn, return a favor of good faith by increase your contract for one more year as a good gesture from my side (Hartness, 2009). Please keep the information safe not allowing any other person to know as it is of more value and dangerous to be leaked outside (McCann, 2002).

Again I want to thank you and may we continue with the same spirit of good business ethics while interacting.

Yours faithfully

Harry Smith.

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