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UK Writings – Revision Policy

We want each and every customer to be thrilled with the products they receive from our writers, and in the vast majority of instances they are. But, because of the nature of our business, there will be times when a customer is not completely happy, and we want to do whatever we can to turn that dis-satisfaction around. We therefore have a policy that relates to revisions, because we will complete as many revisions as a customer may want.

Process for Revision Requests

When you receive the final draft of your order, we ask that you download it on your account page and review it thoroughly. If there are any changes you want, we ask that you click the “revisions request” link and give us a detailed explanation of what you want changed. This will go directly to your writer and to our customer service desk. You may also contact the customer service desk directly with your revision requests.

It is important that you request revisions as quickly as possible, so that we can get right on them and not impact your deadline.

Most Revisions are Free

  1. If your final product reflects our failure to follow any of your instructions, of course, we will revise the piece immediately and get it back to you. This happens rarely but usually relates to the number of resources used or forma mis-understandings.

  2. Sometimes a customer want some re-organization of content sequence or structure. These revisions are completed for free.

  3. In very rare circumstances, there may have been some mis-communication between customer and writer and things were interpreted differently. We will honor revision request in these instances.

  4. You also have the right to request a different writer for the revisions, and we will be happy to provide one, so long as one is available.

Revision that Come with Additional Fees

  1. If your request for revisions changes your original order instructions, we are happy to revise, but there will be an additional charge for these revisions. We will determine the amount and let you know as quickly as possible. We cannot proceed with any revision until the payment has been made.

  2. If your request for revisions comes because you made errors on your original order form, then, that revision will come with a charge. Again, you must remit the additional payment before we can proceed.

Revision Requests After Customer Has Taken Delivery

  1. If you have initially approved and taken delivery of your final draft, you discover that you still want some revisions, you can still get them. You must place a revision request with us and upload your product with that request. You will have 7 days after taking delivery to do this for those revisions to be free. For longer orders, you will have 14 days.

  2. If you want revisions and you wait beyond the 7 or 14-day period, we have to consider those requests as new orders, and you will be charged accordingly.

  3. If, at any time of revision request, that request alters the original order, you should go through the customer service department, so that they can calculate the additional charges.

Being Conscious of Deadlines

  1. Again, we urge you to request revisions as quickly as possible, so that we may get on them immediately. We do not want your personal deadline to be impacted negatively.

  2. Generally, we complete revision quickly. However, we do advise that, when you place an order, you give a bit of extra time when you state your deadline. Obviously, this is not possible for really urgent orders. But adding a bit of additional time allows you to review your product and get those revisions completed before you have to turn the work in.

Art of Papers has an extremely high satisfaction rate from its customers. Of course, we understand that there may be times when revisions will be desired. It is our policy to do whatever it takes to achieve customer satisfaction, and we will work with you until you are happy.

If you have any questions about our Revision Policy, please contact us and ask!

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