UK Writings Disclaimer

When a customer makes the choice to use UK writings and places an order for a product or service, s/he automatically accepts all of the conditions that are laid out in this disclaimer, as well as in the Terms of Use, Privacy, Revision and Refund Policies. It is important that you read all of these policies so that you understand your rights and obligations as well as those of the company.

Use of Products from UK Writings

Products that your order and receive from UK writings do belong to you. However, you accept and agree that they may only be used for personal purposes. You will not use any product for commercial purposes, nor will you transfer or distribute the product in any way. Your use of products from UK Writings is for research, study and reference purposes. Should you decide to use a product for unauthorized purposes and should you incur consequences as a result, UK Writings bears no responsibility.

Correct Contact Information

You agree to provide your full name, email address and a contact telephone number. If we do not have accurate contact information, we cannot be responsible if your product or service is delayed or, worse, does not reach you at all. We need to be able to contact you in an emergency.

When You Must Cancel an Order

It happens. There may be a time when you have to cancel an order after you have paid for it. Please review this policy statement:

  • If you cancel before your order has been assigned to a writer, you will receive a full refund
  • If you cancel after your order has been assigned to a writer, your refund will be pro-rated based upon the amount of work that writer has already completed on the order.
  • Any refund you receive may be put on account toward a future order

Resources for Research Products

If you place an order that requires the use of resources, your assigned writer will locate and use the most current and relevant source material suitable for your academic level. If you require specific source materials, you need to stipulate that in your order. If they are readily available, your writer will use them. If they are not readily available, then you must do one of two things:

  • Upload the source material for your writer to use
  • Pay any additional fee involved for your writer to secure the materials for you.

If you do not provide the required materials or if you delay in making payment to secure these materials, your product may be delayed. In this case, UK Writings is not responsible for any delay that occurs.

Instructions on the Order Form

It is your responsibility to provide complete instructions on the order form before submitting your order. There are required fields which must be completed, but there is also a large field for you to include and specific requirements that are unique to your order and not covered in the other fields. This might include resources or types of resources, the order in which points must be covered, the thesis you need, etc. this is extremely important because your writer cannot give you exactly what you want without those specifics.

If your writer has questions or needs clarification, s/he will contact you through your customer portal. You are responsible for checking that portal often. In an emergency we will call you. If your product is delayed because you failed to provide sufficient information and did not respond to communication from your writer, we are not responsible for that lateness.


We have never had an occurrence of plagiarism, primarily because we can every written product before delivering it to a customer. If you believe that any part of your product has been plagiarized, we ask that you submit proof of that. If this were ever to occur, we of course would provide a revision for free.

Technical Difficulties

UK Writings is not responsible for technical difficulties that are beyond its control – power outages, electronic failures, failure of an Internet provider, etc. Should these occur and result in a delay of your delivery, we will deliver your product as soon as things return to normal.


When you place an order, payments is expected at that time. Failure to make payment will result in delays, because we will not assign a writer until we have received payment. If your bank requires verification of your identity, we will notify you immediately and request the required documents – usually a picture ID. You may send this by email, text, or fax. If we do not receive your ID, your order will be delayed.

Delivery Delays

If we fail to deliver your product by your deadline date, and that failure is our fault, you will receive a pro-rated refund. We urge customers to give themselves as much extra time a possible when assigning a deadline. The longer the deadline, the cheaper the cost. We are not responsible for missing a deadline under the following conditions:

  • You have failed to respond to requests for clarification or for additional information
  • You have failed to provide the resource materials that your writer needs
  • You have failed to make timely payment or to provide proof of identity if required
  • You have failed to provide accurate contact information
  • You have asked for changes to the product while your writer is in process

Checking Your Order

Once we have received your order and payment, we send a confirmation email to you. Please check this confirmation carefully to be certain that you have not made any mistakes. A common error is indicating the incorrect academic level, because it is selected from a drop-down menu. It is your responsibility to notify us immediately if you discover an error. If you discover your error after a writer has begun, there may be additional fees involved to correct it.

Our Customer Support

We operate a customer service department around the clock. If there are issues or questions, we expect you to contact this department by phone, email, or live chat. We are responsive and will do our best to resolve any issue you may have. If you have any problems at all, you must contact us to have them resolved.

Legal Jurisdictions

UK Writings operates under the laws of the place where it has its corporate offices. To date, we know of no local, state, territory, regional of national laws that impact customer use of our service. However, it is your responsibility to be informed of the laws in your jurisdiction. We are not responsible if you should violate any laws within your jurisdiction.

Privacy for Customers

We have firewalls in place and guarantee that we will never sell, distribute, trade, or otherwise share your personal information with any third-party. We also use a third party payment processor with SSL certification. We protect customer information as if it were our own. Please check our Privacy Policy for further details.


Please review the Revisions Policy on our site. In general, customers may request revision at no charge, so long as the original details of the order are not changed. If a revision request alters the original order information, there will be an additional charge. This is only fair to our writers who must then do extra work.

The important thing for success in getting exactly what you want is communication between you and your writer and between you and the company.

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